Learning Community

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Learning Community

A key resource we provide clients is the opportunity to join our Learning Community.  While we strive to provide excellent support to each client on a one-on-one basis, we recognize we do not have ‘all the answers’.  We want to ensure we are neither a constraint nor a filter in our clients’ ability to access information to help address the development needs in their organizations.

To broaden the lines of communication between and among clients, we encourage all those we serve to connect with peers in other organizations to

  • Brainstorm solutions to challenges their organizations face
  • Share experiences, strategies and best practices
  • Provide encouragement to and receive encouragement from one another.

As a participant in the Learning Community, you will be able to connect with other in-house trainers and consultants we serve, who like you want to further develop their professional network.  As a member of this ‘informal network’ you will be invited to attend both face-to-face and virtual round-table discussions, and initiate and contribute to online discussions with other members.

Of course, how you choose to participate in the Learning Community is up to you. The intent is that the Learning Community becomes a valued resource for you—a resource that enhances your ability to positively impact those you serve in your organization.

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